Towards an improved and personalized radiation therapy cancer treatment

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What is NovaGray?

Personalizing patient's care

Radiation therapy is one of the founding treatments for cancer. One in every two patient will undergo radiation therapy as part of his or her cancer treatment. Nonetheless, the treatment is not risk-free as 5% to 10% of the patients  will develop irreversible side effects.
At NovaGray, we have developed the first tests enabling radiation oncologists to identify, before the treatment starts, patients who will develop severe late effects.

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What is the NovaGray RILA Breast® test?

What if we told you the oncologist can adapt the treatment’s doses and modality to the sensitivity of his or her patient?
This is precisely the objective of the test we have developed here at NovaGray. NovaGray has developed the first radiosensitivity test for breast cancer. The test aims at establishing the sensitivity of patients towards radiation therapy treatment using a single blood sample

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Interview of Prof. David Azria
Aired on Télématin (France 2), February 4th, 2016


The NovaGray tests

NovaGray has developed the first predictive radio-sensitivity test on healthy tissues for breast cancer treatment. It is the only test that has been validated prospectively and on a large scale.
The NovaGray RILA Breast® test meets all regulatory requirements of the 98/79 directive pertaining to the in vitro diagnostic’s medical devices. It has also been stamped with the CE marking.
Tests for prostate and lung cancers are underway.

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A single blood sample is

The test must be taken before the start of the radiation therapy.

A simple
blood test

The results are available 
within eight days

No delays 
in starting the treatment

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