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What is the NovaGray RILA Breast® test?

What if we told you the oncologist can adapt the treatment’s doses and modality to the sensitivity of his or her patient?
This is precisely the objective of the test we have developed here at NovaGray. NovaGray has developed the first radiosensitivity test for breast cancer. The test aims at establishing the sensitivity of patients towards radiation therapy treatment using a single blood sample.

Prostate and lung cancers tests are under development.

Interview of Professor David AZRIA
Aired on Télématin (France 2), February 4th, 2016

Why take the test?

The NovaGray RILA Breast® test helps us establish and assess your level of sensitivity to radiation therapy. Along with other more traditional tests’ results, this key indicator will allow your radiation oncologist to tailor a treatment plan adapted to your profile.  
The test will allow your physician to define and adapt the exact technique to go forward with, the irradiation volume to target as well as the total irradiation dose and the dose fractioning to administer.
The NovaGray RILA Breast® test results will also allow your plastic surgeon to address breast reconstruction surgery and its esthetics.

NovaGray will inform your oncologist about your level of sensitivity to radiation therapy within eight days following the blood test. This information will determine the risk of developing substantial post-treatment side effects.

The NovaGray RILA Breast® test meets all regulatory requirements of the 98/79 directive pertaining to the in vitro diagnostic’s medical devices. It has also been stamped with the CE marking.

Taking the test will not delay in any way the start of your treatment.

Who can benefit from the NovaGray RILA Breast® test?

The NovaGray RILA Breast® test is targeted to women who will undergo radiation therapy as part of their treatment for breast cancer.

The NovaGray tests

NovaGray Poumon

Pas encore disponible

NovaGray Prostate

Disponible en 2017

NovaGray RILA Breast®

Ce test prédictif de radiosensibilité des tissus sains a une Valeur Prédictive Négative supérieure à 90%, ce qui permet de conclure à l’absence de risque de séquelles tardives sévères comparée à la population générale avec plus de 90% d’exactitude.
NovaGray RILA Breast® est conforme aux exigences réglementaires de la directive 98/79 relative aux dispositifs médicaux de diagnostic in vitro et dispose du marquage CE.

How to take the test?

The test must be taken before the start of the radiation therapy. The request for the test can be initiated by either yourself or your radiation oncologist.

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